Account detail

This screen allows visualizing and maintaining updated information linked to the payment account:

  • The payment account holder:
    • Natural entity with Nationality and date of birth required
    • Legal entity
  • The payment account holder's address, as well as the country
  • The complementary information.

Payment account holder

It is necessary to precise the account type (natural entity for a private individual, legal entity in the case of a society or an association for instance). If the account type is intended to a private individual, you must indicate (if you know it) if this person (or someone of his family) is politically exposed (a comment field allows clarifying the situation).
The reliable level allows establishing a risk level and monitoring more precisely post review the payment accounts below a certain threshold in the "accounts" / "customers" view.
The record email and IP address are the provided information at the account payment creation and are not changeable. This information are indispensable and allows a minimum of traceability in the case of fraud (please provide a reliable information, your responsibility may be held liable).

Postal address

It is the address enclosed to the "proof of address" document. It is necessary to precise this one at the payment account creation, to modify and maintain updated in case of change.