Additional functionalities are available in the tab "actions" in the top right-hand side of the account's index form detail.

WARNING! Some functionalities are only available in the test environment.

Incoming transfers (Only Development)

This functionality, only available in development environment, allows crediting an amount on the account immediately. This supply simulates an entering type for a transfer method with a "success" status. The field "Number of slip" is not required; it is used for the link with the banking institution.

Incoming cheque (Only Development)

This functionality only available in development environment allows simulating an incoming supply for a cheque method with a "pending" status, the payment account will not be credited with the amount.

Payment between accounts (Internal transfer)

It is mainly the same functionality as for the overview of the operations, in the exception that the emitter cannot be changed and is forced on the account identifier being viewed.

Wonderstars: Advanced tool of AML-TF

This functionality is opened in a new tab and allows the observation of the existing relations between the different payment accounts and the account being viewed (Movement of money between the accounts).
A specific documentation for this tool is available on request.

Freeze / Unfreeze a payment account

This tab allows freezing or unfreezing immediately the payment account being viewed. It is necessary to specify the reason of blocking or releasing in the provided field.

Close the account : Irreversible closing

This operation (irreversible) close definitively the payment account. This operation is possible only if the balance is equal to zero.

Printing / Summarized index form

Display in a new tab a reduced-shaped index form allowing a printing of all the payment account information.