AML/TF (Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing)

This module allows doing a forced and immediate analysis AML-TF (Forced Filtering) in order to detect if the payment account holder stands in one of the sanction listing. If the control result is positive, we must ensure that this entered information is valid and make a link with the downloaded documents.
If it appears that the payment account holder is not authorized to open a payment account, we need to close this one immediately and apply the adequate control procedure.
This module also allows indicating if the payment account holder is a politically exposed person.
And finally, it is possible to control the validity of MRZ lines (Machine Readable Zone) which appears at the bottom of identity documents and passport.
An automated filtering is done during the interaction, and every evening as well, with:

  • Algorithm Exact Matching
  • Algorithm Phonetic Matching without any date of birth control

The false positives are manually treated according to the Lemon Way's procedure.