Banking information

The "Banking information" tab allows the communication "towards the outside" of the Lemon Way's payment account. Inform / manage the differents external IBAN, submit transfers towards others banking establishments of all or part of the balance of the payment account.
It is not possible to do a transfer on a IBAN holder who is not the payment account holder. Automated and manual controls are made, and will not allow the operation. It will be rejected at the time when the outgoing transfers are controlled.
The outgoing transfers are made every working days (Monetary and Financial Code) at 16 p.m. Cutoff Time, in a SDD Sepa file. The transfers outside the SEPA area are made at D+2.
The excessive amounts can be refused for safety.
The urgent transfers can be made, according to your contract.

External Transfer

This option allows submitting a transfer towards the banking establishment linked to the payment account. The deliveries in bank are transmitted (after internal validation) every day at 16 p.m.
To make a delivery in bank, please ensure you:

  • That at least one IBAN is informed and linked to the payment account.
  • That the payment account has a credit balance.
  • To select the right IBAN (in case of multiple IBAN).

 IBAN List

This screen displays all the IBAN list linked to the payment account. A green color indicates the IBAN is valid (and validated), a grey color indicates that the IBAN is not active anymore and it cannot be used (it will not be introduced in the list) for the deliveries in bank.


The IBAN information must correspond to the downloaded document in the payment account form.

WARNING: Some banking establishment only mention the 8 first characters for the BIC information, in this case you must complete the seizure by adding XXX at the end to make the characters number be equal to 11.

Mandates SDD (SEPA Direct Debit)

Displays the SDD mandates list which have been registered through the API in order to carry out the transfers.