About the document

This document introduces the different functionalities offered for Lemon Way's partners by the BackOffice of your payment and activity follow up: the creation and management of payment accounts "wallets", the supply of these payment accounts, internal transfers or "payment between payment account 'Wallets' (Peer to Peer)", the checking and exportation of payment transactions.
The BackOffice is organized to allow a follow up of operations, the control of KYC and AML/TF, with main functions:

  • A control is established for new customers relationships, natural or legal person type (association/ company)
  • A Knowledge of the customer (Know your customer, "KYC"), with knowledge levels according to payment thresholds. (KYC 1, KYC2, KYC3)
  • An update of customer's knowledge over time.
  • The checking and control of payment operations.
  • The control of politically exposed person (PEP)
  • An account control with a possibility to freeze or close definitly an account.
  • The AML/TF control forced (automated controls are carried out when you ask for an account opening and regularly each night with a AML/TF control in phonetic matching and exact matching)

The last version of the payment API is downloadable on the BackOffice.
Graphic tools allow a checking of the turnover and a control of activity peak. For example, these activity peaks can be linked to a period of your activity, a special offer ect.
Ordering, sorting, research and export functions allow to control the activity with different automated and manual control levels, daily.