The BackOffice is composed of several elements:

Top Bar

The "top bar" is composed of 4 elements located in the top right-hand corner.

The first information is a link which allows downloading the last version of API's documentation (it is possible to get an english version by switching the Back Office in this language).
The second information on the left shows on which environment is uploaded on the BackOffice (the name of partner's brand and the
La seconde information sur la gauche indique sur quel environnement est actuellement branché le backOffice (le nom de la marque partenaire suivi de la dénomination production ou développement).
The third information is a drop down menu which allows choosing the language displayed on screen during the browser. By default, it is in french but this language can be switched on request at
The fourth information is a menu which displays the actual connected user name and allows, when the menu is unrolled, to display the date of your last log in, the access level and the log out option.

Top Menu

This menu allows an access to different sections => dashboard, Operations, accounts and tools (which will be described with details in the following of this guide)


A research field complete this menu, it is located at the top right of the menu bar. At least three characters are necessary to launch l'auto-complétion which will offer a list of payment accounts "Wallet" approaching the research criterion.

Example: a research with the key word "dupon" will unroll a list fo wallets which one of the elements (Internal/ External ID/ firstname/ lastname/ email) contains the key word.

By clicking on one of these elements from the list, a new tab will open up on the detail sheet.

If no results are satisfactory, a click on the magnifier or a validation by clicking on "enter" of the input field, will launch a global research on input reason and will present you the results.

Example of global research result for the reason "dupon"