Create a payment form

This feature allow you to create a payment form link, so that you can send the link anybody who wanna pay.

This backoffice feature is only a demonstration of the function CreatePaymentForm in our API (the directkit). So you must to call the directkit in order to configure a more advance payment form.

This functionality is reachable from the button "Actions" in the operations overview.

Then you'll get a form like this, fill it out.

  • Custom ID: An ID of your choice to keep track
  • Wallet payer: Id Ext of the payer's wallet
  • Wallet receiver: Id Ext of the receiver's wallet
  • Amount: Amount in the format XXX.XX
  • Fee amount: Fee amount in the format XXX.XX
  • Comment
  • Payer's first name
  • Payer's last name
  • Payer's email
  • CSS URL: URL of the stylesheet for the form
  • BackOffice user password: Your BackOffice password


Theses fields are optional. If it's blank, that means this value can be entered by the payer. See also CreatePaymentForm API function for more details.

After filling out this form, you'll see a success message in green and a link like this:

This is the link to the payment form that you can send to the payer, then he will see this :

In this example, we didn't enter the amount so the payer can enter it himself.