Overview: Operations monitoring table

The overview of operations allows getting detail of the activity for incoming, outgoing transactions and peer to peer of the system and allows carrying out payments between accounts.
By default, at the opening, this view has filters and pre-established sortings:

  • The current day.
  • Incoming and outgoing transactions (not P2P).
  • Sorting by operation ID
  • Sorting by date of operation

    It is necessary to set up adequate filters and to activate the intended filtering by clicking on the button "filter" to get the results.
    Each line matches to an operation, it is possible to obtain further information by clicking the sign "+" at the beginning of each line.

    Available information displayed on the screen and in exports are the following:
    ID: ID of the transaction
    Date: insertion date of the transaction
    Type: Incoming / Outgoing / P2P
    Method: mainly relate to incoming and outgoing transaction mode
    Status: Status of the transaction
    Amount: The original amount of the transaction
    Emitter: Wallet at the initiative of the transaction
    Recipient: the wallet which receive the amount
    API Msg: The error message returned by the API
    Comment: comment associated with the transaction (a research is possible)
    Com1: white label invoicing
    Com2: the final customer invoicing
    Bank Ref: bank reference (transfer number, transaction number)
    Commission for P2P transaction type indicates if it is a commission
    Origin Commission: for a P2P transaction type indicates the transaction ID (incoming/ outgoing) which is linked to this commission
    Refunded amount: indicates if a refund of this transaction has been made and the refunded amount. (it can be a partial refund)
    Ip: IP address from which the transaction was initiated
    Noted Fraud: flag indicating if payment has been contested
    SDD Mandate: mandate number used for the transaction