Customer accounts are classified by default by decreasing date of recording.

On each line, the first column shows up a button composed of a color code and an icon allowing the quick identification of the account type. Moreover, it allows during a click to open detail sheet in a new tab. The meaning of icons and colors are the following:

  • Blue with a house icon to a legal entity (company type , association, etc.)
  • Green with a character icon for a natural person (particular account)

Available information displayed on the screen and in the exports are the following:

  • Id Int: Internal ID of Lemon Way.
  • Id Ext: your ID.
  • Reliance: index can be used to indicate a level of "risk", by default this value is at the maximum => 100 (no risk).
  • Account creation date: Account registration date in the system.
  • Situation: indicates the level of KYC validation of the account.
  • Status: indicates if an account is active or frozen (no more operation possible).
  • Iban: indicates if an IBAN type of document has been downloaded.

ID card: indicates if a type of document as an ID/passeport has been downloaded.

  • Dom: indicates if a type of document as proof of adress has been downloaded.
  • Iban(M): indicates if an IBAN has been entered to make bank remittances.
  • Balance: shows the current account balance.
  • Name: first and last name associated to an account (in the case of a legal entity - the name is added).
  • Email: email address associated to the account.
  • P2PAll: Number of peer to peer payments since the account creation.
  • P2Pout: Number of peer to peer outgoing payments.
  • P2Pout: Amount of outgoing peer to peer payments.
  • P2Pin: Number of peer to peer incoming payments.
  • P2Pin: Number of peer to peer incoming payments.
  • NbIn: Number of incoming supply (moneyIn).
  • SumIn: Amount of incoming supplies (moneyIn).
  • NbOut: Number of bank remittances.
  • SumOut: Amount of bank remittances.
  • Origine: allows the distinction of recording channel.